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Second General Meeting, May 2010 - documents and presentations

The Second General Meeting of the NCPN Governing Board was held on the campus of the University of California, Davis, on May 11-12, 2010. The meeting was called to order in Freeborn Hall on the morning of May 11 by facilitator Jane Berkow (USDA/APHIS).  Welcoming remarks were made by: Dr. Deborah Golino, Director, Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis; A.G. Kawamura, Secretary of Food & Agriculture of the State of California; and Karen Grillo, Senior Advisor to the USDA Under-Secretary, USDA Marketing and Regulatory Programs. A tour of the foundation blocks at the FPS facility on the Davis campus was held at the conclusion of Day 1.  On May 12, the meeting reconvened at the Odd Fellows Hall in downtown Davis.

The general meeting was followed by a tour on May 13 of a California nursery and a research vineyard in the Central Valley of California. Some of the commodity clean plant networks also held meetings during the week of May 10-14, 2010, and several committees associated with the NCPN also convened during the week.


May 11, 2010 (Freeborn Hall, UCD) 
Five NCPN Governing Board members lead panel discussion
Five NCPN Governing Board members lead panel discussion
Morning Session : Welcome and desired outcomes
General NCPN Overview and Updates FY 2010
Erich Rudyj, NCPN Coordinator, USDA/APHIS
Grape Clean Plant Network (Tier 2) - Report and Update
Dr. Deborah Golino, Chair Grapes CPN; Director, Foundation Plant Services, UC Davis
Fruit Tree Clean Plant Network (Tier 2) - Report and Update
    Dr. Ken Eastwell, Chair Fruit Tree CPN; Washington State University, Prosser
Reports from Existing NCPN Clean Plant Centers  
Foundation Plant Services, UC Davis (no Power Point)
Dr. Deborah Golino
IAREC, Washington State University, Prosser    
     Dr. Ken Eastwell
Cornell University, Geneva, New York
      Dr. Marc Fuchs
Center for Grapevine Biotechnology, Missouri State University, Mt. Grove
    Dr. Wenping Qiu
Southeastern Budwood Program, Clemson University, South Carolina
     Dr. Simon Scott
May 11 Luncheon Speakers  
IPM Centers and NPDN - Education and Outreach
Dr. Susan Ratcliffe, IPM Centers, University of Illinois
Canadian Clean Plant Program (CFIA), Sidney, British Columbia
    Carol Masters, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
May 11 Afternoon (Concurrent) Sessions
GB Member Wayne Dixon presents recognition award to Erich Rudyj
GB Member Wayne Dixon presents recognition award to Erich Rudyj
The 5-member NCPN Governing Board kicked off the afternoon session with a panel discussion, where the Board members presented their thoughts on FY 2009 in review and FY 2010 and beyond. The panel discussion was followed by an open forum wherein NCPN stakeholders shared thoughts, questions and comments with the NCPN GB.
Panel Discussion Among NCPN Governing Board Members
Concurrent Session 1 (New NCPN Commodities)
Concurrent Session 2 (Education and Outreach)
Citrus Clean Plant Network
Dr. Georgios Vidalakis, UC Riverside
Helping Create Clean Plant Outreach Programs
Berries Clean Plant Network
Dr. Robert Martin, USDA/ARS, Corvallis, Oregon
USDA/ARS National Plant Germplasm System Clonal Genebanks
Joseph Postman, NCPN Governing Board
Hop Clean Plant Network      
Dr. Ann E. George, Washington Hops Commission
For Erich Rudyj's presentation on Specialty Crops
Considering NCPN Entry, see
General NCPN Overview and Updates FY 2010
May 11 Working Dinner
Governing Board and Erich Rudyj present awards at May 11 dinner
Governing Board and Erich Rudyj present awards at May 11 dinner
Poster session and Wine Tasting

American Native Southern Grape Varieties and Clean Plants
Dr. Violetka Colova, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida
May 12, 2010 (Odd Fellows Hall, downtown Davis)   
Morning Session
NCPN Budget - Past, Present and Future
Paul Eggert, USDA/APHIS/PPQ Associate Deputy Administratorby teleconference
Keynote discussion - NCPN Clean Plant Center Long-Term Sustainability
Panel/forum discussion
The Impact of NCPN and Clean Plants on Industry
Industry Panel
May 12 Luncheon Speakers  
NCPN and the Larger Picture at USDA/APHIS/PPQ
Alan Green, Executive Director, Plant Health Programs, USDA
The National Plant Board and State Regulatory Perspective on the NCPN
Carl Schultze, NPB President
May 12 Afternoon Session  
NCPN and the Linkage to State Nursery Certification Programs
Dr. Robert 'Sam' Johnson, USDA/APHIS
NCPN and Controlled Import Permit (CIP) - New Permitting Category
Mr. William 'Bill' Ailey, USDA/APHIS
Clean Plant Facility Assessments
Dr. Robert Johnson
NCPN RFA 2010 - Program Funding Mechanism
Erich Rudyj, NCPN Coordinator
May 12 Breakout Sessions  
Continuance of May 11 Germplasm Pathogen Testing Session
Joseph Postman, Richard Lee (UC Riverside), and John Preece (NCGR Davis)
Controlled Import Permits - breakout session to continue prior discussion

NCPN LogoThe National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) produces and distributes asexually propagated plant material free of targeted graft transmissible plant pathogens to ensure the global competitiveness of specialty crop producers and to protect the environment. The NCPN operates under the auspices of three agencies within the United States Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).



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