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National Clean Plant Network
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The National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) was created to protect U.S. specialty crops such as berries, citrus, fruit trees, grapes, hops, roses and sweetpotatoes from the spread of economically harmful plant pests and diseases. NCPN ensures the global competitiveness of U.S. specialty crop producers by creating high standards our clean plant programs.

The Network is comprised of clean plant centers, scientists, educators, state and federal regulators, large and small nurseries, and growers of specialty crops that work together to ensure that plant propagation material is clean and available.


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Network News

Fiscal Year 2020 Open Period

NCPN provides high quality asexually propagated plant material tested for targeted plant pathogens and pests to protect the environment and ensure the global competitiveness of specialty crop producers. In FY 2021, APHIS will provide at least $5 million to support NCPN clean plant projects nationally. The FY 2021 open period for submitting NCPN proposals will last for 12 weeks from July 16, 2020 through October 9, 2020.

Please click here to visit the USDA APHIS National Clean Plant Network website for more information.

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NCPN LogoThe National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) produces and distributes asexually propagated plant material free of targeted graft transmissible plant pathogens to ensure the global competitiveness of specialty crop producers and to protect the environment. The NCPN operates under the auspices of three agencies within the United States Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).



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